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GC - Gradia Direct Dental Composite, Syringe 2.7ml (4gr)

Gradia® is a light-cured, micro-filled composite that allows professionals to handle aesthetic restorations with a single restorative composite. The chameleon effect ensures that the restoration is aesthetically “invisible”, precisely mimicking the tooth’s natural colour.
Gradia® Direct is perfect for long-lasting restorations: fracture resistance, low elasticity modulus, quick and easy polishing for both anterior and posterior pieces, and proven wear resistance.

- A micro-filled hybrid composite resin developed from the proven Gradia® laboratory system
- One restoration system for all your needs
- System consists of standard, outside special and inside special shades, unique concept for easier restorations

Gradia® Direct anterior - Excellent aesthetics and smooth surfaces
- A perfect match and adaptation to natural tooth colour
- Easily and quickly polished for a smooth, glossy surface

Gradia® Direct posterior - Excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties
- High fracture toughness to resist occlusal stress
- High wear resistance, low wear on opposing dentition
- Radiopaque, aids diagnosis

Reserved for professional use in general dental practice.
In proceeding with the purchase of this products, the buyer declares under his/her own responsibility to be a healthcare professional.


Gradia Direct

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