• SDR Flow+ Bulk Fill

Dentsply - SDR Flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable 0.25g compula

SDR flow+ is the improved next generation of the flowable bulk-fill material SDR offering all the same features while adding new indications and the introduction of additional shades

New A1, A2, and A3 shades available in addition to Universal.

New indications for Class III and V in addition to Class I and II

Increased wear resistance and radiopacity

SDR (Smart Dentin Replacement) is the revolutionary way to save you time and make posterior direct restorations less cumbersome.

Bulk-fill in 4mm increments due to 60% reduction in shrinkage stress versus other composites.

Ease of placement with the compula tip.

Now in 4 shades.

Significantly reduced risk of post-op sensitivity due to excellent internal cavity adaptation and no void/air bubbles.

Long-term restorations and very low incidence of micro leakage.

Can be capped with any universal composite.


15 x Compula 

Reserved for professional use in general dental practice.

In proceeding with the purchase of this products, the buyer declares under his/her own responsibility to be a healthcare professional.

SDR Flow+ Bulk Fill

  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Dentsply 15 Compula
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