• Protaper Gold 25mm

ProTaper GOLD is the latest addition to the world famous ProTaper family developed by Dentsply Sirona in collaboration with international endodontic key opinion leaders.

ProTaper GOLD is an upgrade from ProTaper Universal and is designed specifically for ProTaper Universal users who do not want to change their technique but would benefit from the increased safety delivered by the latest developments in metallurgy - GOLD proprietary processing.

ProTaper GOLD keeps the same philosophy as the first generation of ProTaper (file sequence, file sizes, motor settings, obturation methods) with strong additional benefits like increased flexibility (24% on average) and greater resistance to cyclic fatigue (2.6 times greater on an F3 finishing file).


  • File Sequence 
  • File Sizes 
  • Motor Settings


  • Heat Treatment
  • Gold Colour


  • Flexibility
  • Cyclic Fatigue Resistance
  • Tactile Feeling
  • Safety


Pack of 6 files

Dentsply - Blister of 6

Protaper Gold 25mm

  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Dentsply - Blister of 6
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Assorted (A0409225G0103) Assorted (A0409225G0103)   £38.00 £38.00
S1 (A0410225G0103) S1 (A0410225G0103)   £38.00 £38.00
S2 (A0410225G0203) S2 (A0410225G0203)   £45.50 £45.50
F1 (A0411225G0103) F1 (A0411225G0103)   £42.00 £42.00
F2 (A0411225G0203) F2 (A0411225G0203)   £45.50 £45.50
F3 (A0411225G0303) F3 (A0411225G0303)   £47.00 £47.00
F4 (A0411225G0403) F4 (A0411225G0403)   £47.00 £47.00
F5 (A0411225G0503) F5 (A0411225G0503)   £47.00 £47.00