• ProTaper Next 25mm
ProTaper Next files are rotary NiTi endodontic shaping instruments providing flexible performance for the dental practitioner.

Cover more difficult clinical cases*: the unique swaggering movement and the greater flexibility of the ProTaper Next files make it possible to shape more severely curved narrow canals than what was possible before with most NiTi systems on the market.
ProTaper Next brings improved safety*: the risk of file breakage is significantly decreased and, at the same time, respect of the original root canal anatomy is greatly improved. Instrument and patient safety is essential to good endodontics.
Shorten the shaping time*: less time is spent changing instruments thanks to a shorter clinical sequence. The high cutting efficiency also allows the dentist to spend more valuable time on other procedures such as irrigation.

(* Compared to leading brands)

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ProTaper Next 25mm

  • Brand: Dentsply
  • Pack 3
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