• UnoOne Reciprocating File 25mm

Fully compatible with Dentsply Wave One Gold® (settings, GP, Paper Points)

Engine Files, Nickel Titanium

UnoDent Reciprocating Files are a single file system made with an advanced Gold Technology Heat-Treatment process. This provides  superior flexibility and files are substantially more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to non heat-treated files. 

Made from the highest quality NiTi alloy these files come sterilized, ready for use. These files can only be used in a compatible reciprocating motor

The Assorted blister contains 4 files:
1 x Small file (Yellow - S20) ISO 20 - 7% Taper
1 x Regular file (Red - R25) ISO 25 - 7% Taper
1 x Medium file (Green - M35) ISO 35 - 6% Taper
1 x Large file (White - L45) ISO 45 - 5% Taper

Recommended settings (the same as for Dentsply Wave One Gold):
The cutting angle is 150 degrees CCW (reverse) and 30 degrees CW (forward)

Unodent - 25mm blister of 3

UnoOne Reciprocating File 25mm

  • Brand: Unodent
  • Unodent - 25mm blister of 3
  • Availability: In Stock

Available Options

Primary (ELU606) Primary (ELU606)   £11.20 £11.20
Small (ELU605) Small (ELU605)   £11.20 £11.20
Medium (ELU607) Medium (ELU607)   £11.20 £11.20
Large (ELU608) Large (ELU608)   £11.20 £11.20
Assorted (ELU609) Assorted (ELU609)   £14.20 £14.20

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