• C-Pilot Files 25mm
VDW - C- Pilot Files 25mm Blister w/6 files

Stainless steel, CC+ handle, for severely curved or calcified root canals
Special steel alloy with uniform structure for maximum resistance to fracture and maximum flexibility.
The inactive tip conducts the instrument safely along the canal.
Radiopaque depth marks
Enables creation of a glide path of the root canal for further preparation with other instruments
Intermediate size ISO 12.5 available
Additional length marking on handle
With pre-mounted silicone stoppers

Blister of 6 pieces, sterile

Reserved for professional use in general dental practice.
In proceeding with the purchase of this products, the buyer declares under his/her own responsibility to be a healthcare professional

VDW Blister w/6 files

C-Pilot Files 25mm

  • Brand: VDW
  • VDW Blister w/6 files
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