Meta Biomed - Etchant Gel 37% Phosphoric Acid

contains 37% phosphoric acid in water. Thickened with unique polymer.

- Polymer thickened semi-gel
- Easy dispensing and application
- No residue, rinse out completely
- Thixotropic characteristics (not runny)

Conditioning of surface for dentine and enamel with composite and inlay/onlay

Phosphoric acid, H2O, Xanthan gum

Available package:

- original box with 3x Syringes (3g each) + 20x disposable stainless tips

- clear bag with a single Syringe (3g) + 5x disposable stainless tips

Reserved for professional use in general dental practice.

In proceeding with the purchase of this products, the buyer declares under his/her own responsibility to be a healthcare professional.

Meta Biomed syringe 3g

Etchant Gel: 37% Phosphoric Acid

Meta Biomed
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  • Meta Biomed syringe 3g
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