• Isorapid Spray 2 Litres
Aldehyde-free ready to use spray for quick cleaning & disinfecting of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices (benches, treatment chairs, unit surfaces, support arms of dental lamps, instrument trays, hand pieces and contra angles and dental instruments made of steel, aluminium, copper, silicone or rubber) Fresh floral fragrance. DGHM/VAH listed. Bactericidal & Fungicidal

Clear, Colourless liquid. Easily biodegradable, pH neutral. Extremely low alcohol of less than 50% which significantly reduces the allergy potential whilst simultaneously increasing material compatibility.

Extremely fast disinfectant with broad spectrum effect and low alcohol content.
Bacterial/Fungicide (1) in clean conditions 30secs/in dirty conditions 60secs
MRSA 30secs
Tuberculocide 60secs
Mycobactericide (M.aviumm) 60secs
Hepatitis B/HIV 30secs
Hepatitis C 30secs
co vi - 19 (SARS) 30secs
Influenza A Virus 30secs
Papovirus (SV 40) 60secs
Adenovirus 60secs

Composition in 100g: 20g ethanol,28g 1—propanol, 0.1g quaternary ammonium compounds

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OCC Surface Cleaner

Isorapid Spray 2 Litres

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  • OCC Surface Cleaner
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