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Isorapid Op-Forte 2 Litres: Mild disinfectant concentrate for sensitive water-washable surfaces such as floors, sinks and non-invasive medical devices.

Isorapid Spray 2 Litres: Aldehyde-free ready to use spray for quick cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices

Oro Clean plus 2 Litres: concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of dental suction units, spittoon bowls, and amalgam separators

Orolin Ultraclean-3 1 Litre: Powerful ultrasonic cleaner that removes even stubborn residue such as blood, protein, or other build-ups.

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Isorapid Op-Forte 2 Litres:
Isorapid Spray 2 Litres:
Oro Clean plus 2 Litres:
Orolin Ultraclean-3 1 Litre:

OCC Surface Cleaner

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